Loan Product

Unsecured Loan

The Unsecured loan product is targeted at professionals in the formal employment of blue chip/multinational organizations who need access to unsecured facilities for a short period of time. Unsecured loans have a reducing balance interest charged on the outstanding principal each month. Applicants are usually required to provide a guarantor.

Where requested, some unsecured loans will not require collateral or a guarantor. These loans are, however, only accessible to banking professionals or repeat customers and capped at a maximum sum of N250k and maximum tenor of 6 months.

Like all our lending products, unsecured loans will be approved within 24 hours, following the provision of all required application documents.

Application requirements:

  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Copy of employment letter
  • Copy of work identity card
  • Current utility bill (original to be sighted)
  • Guraantor's post dated cheque
  • Borrower's post dated cheques

Features include

  • Maximum loan tenure: 6 months
  • Highly competitive interest rate applied on a reducing balance
  • Maximum tenor of 6 months
  • Maximum loan amount N250,000.00 (for loans without guarantees/ collateral)
  • Availabe within 24 hours
  • Secured with a guarantor (For secured loan)