Crystal Savings

VFD Microfinance Bank’s Crystal Savings offers our individual customers an impressive 15.44%‎ return per annum on short- and long-term investments.

That’s right: 15.44% interest on any amount that you place in Crystal Savings! There is no limit to how much you can save – and make – with a Crystal Savings account.

We also recognize that life sometimes unfolds in unforeseen ways, and this can alter plans at a moment’s notice. Therefore, we have ensured that our high-yield returns will apply even to funds that are withdrawn before the maturity date.

If you choose to withdraw funds from your Crystal Savings account prior to term, there will be a surcharge on the interest that would have been earned; however, the principal amount will remain intact. You can’t lose with Crystal Savings.

Crystal Savings are subject to a 10% statutory withholding tax on the interest earned.

Minimum deposit tenure: 30 days

Maximum required investment: N50,000,000